1. A different take on the prompt Sarthak....the beginning reminded me of T S Eliot's Four Qaurtets....the tension between the past and the present and the query and curiosity concerning future puzzles us all....And although I would not 'burn' the book as you mention in the end, I agree with you that every generation needs to earn its own secrets....I am intrigued by your perspective and would love to read more of your posts....:) Good luck for the contest....:)

    1. Hey Sunaina! So glad you liked it. I wrote it at a very gloomy hour and so the 'burn' idea stayed with me. I was going to further justify why I would do so but it was too cynical so I edited it. BTW, your post was fab and in my happy hours of writing, I feel like achieving the same good cheer with my posts that you did. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes not. You are most welcome to read them all :)